About US

Meden Farm UK is a small family farm with small apiary located in western Bulgaria and distributed Honey in UK and in EU. We produce small quantities of bee products, but with excellent quality. Our love for bees was at first glance. It all started with a swarm that we caught and put in a beehive. Then we breed the bees and became 6, 16, and now are somewhere over 120 and slowly grows. The continuity of the grandfather’s beekeeper was interrupted, we started from zero, but we quickly catapulted and we were already building up.

We do not have spectacular goals, bees are living creatures, not machines. We are aware of their needs and dynamics. We are always happy with bees and results. We have three main goals that lead us forward:

– To produce a clean and high quality product and to offer it to people who can appreciate it.
– To show the maximum number of people, how to recognize quality bee products and how valuable they are to human health and longevity.
– To be part of the great goal of protecting bees from extinction and motivating as many people as possible to be part of it.

We have chosen a much harder but cleaner way without conventional drugs for disease prevention. We perform a number of mechanical methods to combat bee diseases. Treating with essential oils and highly aromatic herbs. We use only harmless organic acids that do not fall into honey or wax.

We hope you enjoy exploring the natural wonder of Meden Farm Honey and other natural products.