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Natural Bee Products By Meden

A number of products come from the honeybees – and people use them: honey, beeswax, bee glue (propolis), bee pollen, perga (bee bread), royal jelly, dead bee “ointments”, bee venom, as well as hive air for inhalations – in cases of lung issues.

Moreover, bees provide an invaluable service to humanity by pollinating the blossom of fruit and vegetables, as well as other flowering grasses, shrubs and trees. Pollination occurs while bees collect nectar or pollen, thus helping wildflowers and crops reproduce (yields increase) facilitating food-producing farms to have larger volumes of produce – as well as of higher quality.

Undoubtedly, honeybees are important, yet it should be noted there are about 20,000 other species of bees in the world that also pollinate plants. Some do pollinate only specific species of plants, and if their pollinator disappears, so will the plant.

Natural Bee Products From Meden Farm UK

Our bees produce honey and bee products, collecting nectar, pollens and resins from the vast spaces covered with wild flowers, shrubs, and trees in the vicinity of our Apiaries. We produce almost the entire range of bee products like bee honey, bee pollen, propolis, beeswax and our top product Natural Honeycomb. We produce small quantities and our prime goal is the quality and purity of the products. 

Bee products are very popular in Bulgaria, every household have a jar of honey for the morning tea or toasted bread. The bee pollen is piece of flowering meadows full of vitamins and other ingredients source for entire family. The propolis is used as immune system stimulant & cure. The beeswax have a list of over 100 uses in our being. The honey mixes are loved dessert with 100% nature origin which will make your day sweet. 

Our family not just love honey and bee products, but we are mad of them. We joke that Winnie-the-Pooh is amateur compared to us 🙂 That’s why we decided to start beekeeping long time ago. Later we started producing more than we need and then started selling. Slowly this become our full time job and we just love it. All of our products are being produced, prepared and send to you will all of our love of beekeeping and sharing these great goods with you. 

All of our products are organic, with no chemicals or preservatives and they have raw feel and taste. Most ingredients are homemade or bees made it by harvesting nectar, resins and pollens from clean mountain area in Bulgaria.