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100% Pure Beeswax Tangled Candles

100% Pure Beeswax Tangled Candles

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Decorative 100% pre beeswax candle in tangled shape. Beeswax Candles 100% pure natural beeswax hand made candles with light honey scent idea. Beeswax candles produce negative ions when burned, and those ions help to neutralize pollutants in the air. This helps eliminate dust, odors, and mold in the atmosphere, easing allergy and asthma symptoms and improving breathing for anyone nearby.

Dimensions: Height 9.5 cm

  • Description

    Product Description

    Pure Candles of 100% beeswax Tangled shape. Cotton wick. Handmade. Burn for about 8 hours. Use a non-combustible pad or candlestick.

    Dimensions: Height 9.5 cm

    Beeswax is the only completely harmless and completely natural wax used in sparkling. Bee wax is a product of symbiosis between beekeeper and bees. Bees are endlessly useful for pollination of wild flowering vegetation and agro-cultures, they donate us with endlessly valuable bee products, including beeswax. Wax extraction is not at the expense of destroying anything, it does not destroy nature such as oil extraction and paraffin production, no agricultural land is required as in the production of soy wax, no compromises or sacrifices have been made, for its manufacture.

    Why is such a valuable product like beeswax incinerated in the form of candles?

    Burning beeswax is not in vain and remains a valuable product even in that capacity. When burning, a beeswax candle burns the dust in the air, the vapors of candles stick to the flying dust of all kinds and fall to the ground. The wax candle, in addition to improving the air quality in the room, has an aromatic effect, creates an inimitable coziness, and a temporary relaxing effect on the body. The use of beeswax candles reduces the use of oil wax candles and soybeans, which in turn reduces the damage they cause to their use and production. The use of wax candles stimulates the growing of bees and beekeeping, which leads to the care and protection of honey bees.

    Rules for safe use

    Never leave a burning candle unattended – extinguish all burning candles before leaving the room or before falling asleep. Make sure that the wick is completely extinguished.

    Burn the candles away from flammable objects – keep the candle away from curtains, blankets, tarpaulins, paper and all flammable.
    Keep burning candles away from children and animals.

    Do not allow more than 5mm of wick before firing the candle – the long wick burns hard, which can cause burning and leakage.
    Always use candlesticks or candlesticks. They must be heat-resistant and large enough to collect candle flows.

    Always place the candle holder with the burning candles on a flat, stable surface. This will ensure a smooth burning of the candle, reduce the drip effect, and exclude the possibility of self-sparking the candle.

    Do not use the candle holder to attach matches, matches a cut wick or other waste.

    Keep burning candles away from fans, air conditioners, open windows, wind or draft. This will eliminate the risk of incorrect combustion, flame pressure and wax flow.

    Always burn a candle in a well-ventilated room. Do not burn too many candles in a very small or non-ventilated room, as this may limit the presence of air.
    Do not burn the candle completely. Burning the candle completely may cause the pad to ignite. In order to reduce the risk of fire, turn off the candle shortly before it reaches its bottom.

    Do not touch or move a candle until it burns and the wax is liquid.

    Burn groups of candles at a sufficient distance from each other. This will reduce the risk of melting between each other.
    Never squeeze a candle with water. This can cause the surrounding objects to splash with wax and cause broken glass candles and containers.

    Be careful when using candles for lighting.

    Turn off the candle if it smokes with black smoke when burning, or the flame is too large. Such a candle does not burn properly. Cut the wick and light again.

    Never use a candle as a night lamp.

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